Sony Xperia Projector Can Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

The MWC 2017 saw announcements of many gadgets. None of the tech giants missed an opportunity to show off their best gadgets. In the MWC 2017, Sony unveiled a unique projector. The Sony Xperia projector can transform any surface into a touchscreen.

Be it your palms, the surface of a table or a wall, this projector can convert it to a touchscreen. Sony is known for the Sony camera and mobiles. Sometimes it is difficult to get accessories for Sony mobiles. But this is something unique. The Sony Xperia projector is called Xperia Touch. It will cost £1350. So how does this gadget work?

The Xperia Touch uses infrared sensors for detecting the finger movements and finger pressure when you press. It allows owners to use table or wall in a similar way they would do while using a touchscreen mobile. The Sony Xperia projector will also come with the finger detection technology.

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It will let a user control the screen if they wave their finger in the air and then tap to select items. The projector runs on Android. It can create a display of 80 inches from one corner to another. You can use the device for presentations, watching movies and Skype calls. This design works identically like a Sony TV.

According to Sony Mobile, the camera operates at 60 fps. The interface is fast, simple and fluid. Sony is trying to launch as an alternative to Sony TV. You can use for education, gaming, and online video streaming. They are using Microsoft Hololens for this projector.

According to architect Gregg Lynn, this technology is going to be a benchmark for the upcoming touchscreen gadgets. The Sony Xperia projector creates two-dimensional images, but it will free the users from any headsets. It will project at either a vertical or a horizontal angle.

The device is enclosed in a mesh box. Since the device runs on Android OS, it is compatible with the full range of Android apps and Play Store. According to Sony, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]the unique projection, touch capability and sensor architecture will provide developers with an entirely new platform on which to build and create[/quotes]

The device is 5 inch in size. It also includes GPS sensor, ambient light sensor, temperature, barometer, human detection, and humidity. There is also a 13 MP camera and a two-way stereo speaker. When you are sitting on a table, the viewing area will be 23 inches.

Sony Mobile will also use the SXRD projection display technology for enabling the touch. Projectors are not what we think as something of a portable device. But this new 5 inch mobile like gadget will change the perception of projectors. It is fun to use. The US price is not known yet. The Sony Xperia projector doesn’t only bring an expanded image; it allows people to interact with it. Well, the price is not exactly cheap, but you cannot deny the technology is intriguing.


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