Pass the Android App Development Certification and Get A Higher Salary Now

There was a time when Apple had the monopoly in the mobile and application market and developers wanted to get certified for Apple application development to get paid with handsome amounts. Now with android smartphones emerging and capturing the market rapidly, Android app development has increased in significance and a huge number of developers are switching from Apple app development to Android app development as it offers more scope, opportunities, and higher income. The major reason behind the adoration and popularity behind android apps is that android phones are readily available and many smartphone manufacturers are supporting this platform. Popular manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, HTC, and now Nokia design and manufacture android smartphones in bulk, and everyone now owns a handset with Android OS. This wide usability of these phones has led to a greater demand of android apps and developers can make and sell apps to Google and impressive rates.

Because of the perks associated with android app development, students, professionals, technicians, and developers now show great interest in learning to develop apps for the Android Platform. However, Google has not yet launched any official certification for Android app development and these kinds of certifications can be earned from recognized universities and private institutions and certification vendors. Popular vendors offering certifications for android app development include Microsoft, HP, IBM, and Oracle. Besides this many vendors offer mobile application development courses and certifications that can be earned for developing apps for the Android platform. Interested candidates can log on to the popular vendors’ sites to learn about the exam registration. And for the exam preparation students can get help from the best Android App Development exam study material which is available at As there are no official global certificates available for Android, people are free to take training from anywhere and earn a certificate that validates their skills and expertise required for designing and developing apps for Android OS.

Android being an open ecosystem offers limitless opportunities for the developers and significance of android apps development is exceptionally great. Developers excelling in JAVA can earn huge profits by designing apps for Android as there is a great demand of such apps in the app market. Because the approval process for the application is too simple, the app can reach to millions of users in no time leading to larger profits and revenues. Because there is no license or fee involved, developers can create innovative and striking apps and earn handsome profits by putting minimum expenses. Updates to apps can be made for free thus offering more than ever opportunities and possibilities for the developer.

Android has undoubtedly proved to be an ideal place for all kinds of inter-apps integration with options and functionalities for interaction between various apps and platforms. The fame of Android Application Developer Exam has equipped developers with the ideal platform for promoting and commercializing their service to a wider population across the globe. Developers now get the freedom to design and create their very own networks for selling and advertising the Android apps. If you too have the skills and wish to earn huge profits and earn high income, get an Android application developer certificate and demonstrate expertise to potential employers and clients and expand the opportunities for a bright career in IT.


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