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Are you looking for ways to get more followers on your Instagram account? Are you confused about which tactics are the best ones to use? If so, then this article is just what you need. We’ll go into detail on how to choose the right Instagram followers growth tactics and why buy instagram followers for $1 is a great option.

In order for businesses and brands to grow their following and increase engagement, they must employ effective social media marketing tactics specifically tailored towards increasing their presence on one of the world’s most popular platforms: Instagram. But with so many different strategies out there, it can be difficult to decide which approach will yield the greatest results.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that should be considered when selecting an Instagram followers growth strategy.

  1. Think Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to building up a following on any social media platform, it’s essential that you don’t simply focus on getting as many people as possible without considering their relevance or quality. It’s far better (and more sustainable) in the long run if you cultivate your audience carefully by targeting individuals who have genuine interest in your brand and content. This can be done through targeted advertising campaigns or influencer collaborations, but whatever methods you choose ensure that they are of good quality and will bring value not only to your follower count but also leads or sales conversions too.

  1. Optimize Your Profile And Content For SEO

It’s no secret that SEO plays a huge role in helping companies rank higher than their competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs). The same principles apply when looking for new opportunities on social media – and particularly with regards to gaining new followers on Instagram. Ensure that all of your profile information (including descriptions and hashtags) is properly optimized with relevant keywords related to your business/niche in order for potential customers or fans of your work find it easily online via search engines like Google or Bing etc.. Additionally, make sure each post contains relevant keywords wherever possible!

3 . Utilize Influencers To Reach A Wider Audience 

Influencers have become an integral part of digital marketing campaigns because they provide companies with access to larger audiences than they would normally reach through organic growth alone. By partnering with high-profile influencers who share similar values as well as interests within their target niche, businesses can benefit from increased exposure from both those already familiar with their product/service range as well as those previously unaware of its existence – giving them a valuable opportunity for greater recognition amongst potential customers around the world!

 4 . Invest In Paid Ads When Needed  

The majority of successful businesses understand the importance of investing money into paid campaigns every now and then – even though organic growth is generally preferable due its cost effectiveness over time! Paid ads offer great advantages such as being able to precisely target certain demographics based upon gender, age group etc., while also providing detailed insights regarding impressions, likes etc., making them invaluable tools when used correctly! Just remember not too commit too much budget towards these efforts unless absolutely necessary though…

 5 . Use Automation Tools Whenever Possible  

Automation tools likeJarvee or Followadder can come in extremely handy when trying manage multiple accounts at once – something which may prove hard without help from automation software! Not only do these programs help save time by automating mundane tasks such as liking posts/following users according to specified parameters; but they also allow users keep track of interactions happening between different profiles from within one centralised dashboard – meaning less manual effort spent monitoring activity across multiple networks simultaneously!

 6 . Consider Buying Real Followers  

Buying real instagram followers for $1 has been seen by many brands as an effective way accelerate their success faster than normal organic methods might permit; allowing them gain traction quickly among competing rivals during peak times where visibility becomes limited due overcrowding within certain niches/industries etc.. Such purchases should always be made using reputable sources though; otherwise fake accounts could end up damaging reputation rather than improving it!

 7 . Post At Optimal Times Throughout The Day                                                       

Having knowledge about when most people are active online will give marketers a clear idea about when exactly they should publish content in order maximize views/engagement levels accordingly; potentially leading higher amounts traffic directed back towards website/landing page links embedded inside each post etc.. Generally speaking however; mornings tend produce best results due lack competition compared late evenings where everyone else seems vying attention all at once…

 8 . Track Results By Analyzing Data Metrics Regularly       

Last but certainly not least; tracking progress throughout course campaign should always remain top priority since data metrics such reach rates, conversion rates & audience demographics provide very useful insight about whether investments made were worth it return received — thus allowing marketers adjust strategies accordingly future endeavours going forward if needed…!!

Concluding Thoughts On Choosing The Right Instagram Followers Growth Tactics

As outlined above, there are several key steps involved in selecting an effective strategy for growing an Instagram following organically – including optimizing profiles & content appropriately; taking advantage influencer partnerships & paid advertisements whenever necessary; employing automation tools whenever possible & even purchasing real followers if deemed appropriate depending upon situation faced by company itself!. Ultimately however; nothing beats keeping track performance metrics regularly order gauge whether chosen approach actually working desired effect or needs tweaking slightly until desired results achieved…!!

Reddit is the second largest social network in the world behind Facebook , and one of the largest online communities in existence. Being active on Reddit is a must for any blogger, social media marketer, or business owner .

But it’s not just about how many followers you have – it’s about the quality, as well . So in this article, we’re going to look at five tips for getting upvotes on Reddit. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but a lot of bloggers forget to take advantage of them , and they miss out on valuable engagement.

This article is going to be long , so buckle up and hit the play button in the video above to get started !

1 . Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

One of the biggest issues with Reddit is that users often feel like they can’t ask for help. This problem isn’t unique to Reddit – it’s a problem across all social media platforms. But Reddit is particularly bad about this because users are empowered to post whatever they want , and there’s no one to tell them otherwise .

Whenever you’re struggling with something , don’t be afraid to ask for help . You can always go back later and explain it in more detail, but in the moment, just don’t ask people for help – just jump straight into it.

In my experience, if a user asks for help , they’re usually open to it. Do your best to help, and in return, people will upvote your posts much more .

2 . Don’t Forget to Follow Back

Reddit is a social network – it’s meant to be social !

It’s easy to start posting links on Reddit , and never respond to anybody’s comments. But the more you engage with other people on the site, the more likely you are to get upvotes .

So be sure to reply to other people’s comments ! When someone comments on one of your posts , make sure to reply with a friendly reply like “thank you” or “great post!”

Don’t be too aggressive in your replies , though . Interacting with people on Reddit is an art – you can’t just blast them with spam messages.

If you do get friendly with somebody on the site, don’t just drop them and walk away. Build relationships with people by responding to their posts and interacting with them regularly. Over time, they’ll become your fans , and they’ll upvote your posts more than anyone else .

3 . Don’t Forget to Engage With Your Followers

Engagement is the most important part about Reddit . If you don’t engage properly , you won’t get any upvotes. In fact, Reddit has an entire section dedicated to sharing posts that don’t get upvoted.

That’s why many Reddit users share posts that don’t get upvoted – they want to encourage engagement. So make sure you engage with your followers by replying to their comments and engaging with them regularly .

If somebody comments on one of your posts , take the time to reply to them personally. Don’t just reply with a generic message like “thanks .” Instead, give them some feedback or recommend something that they might be interested in.

If you do this consistently , people will upvote your posts more often .

4 . Don’t Forget to Use the Right Words

You’ve got to use the right words if you want to get upvotes. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to use the right keywords .

Many users on Reddit use keywords to make their posts more visible . For example, if you write about technology , you might use keywords like “technology” and “computer” in your title to increase your chances of getting upvotes.

But some words won’t help – some keywords will actually hurt you. For example, don’t include the words “buy” or “sale” in your posts – these kind of keywords make your posts less likely to be upvoted.

So you’ll need to experiment to find out what keywords work best for your posts.

Another thing to remember is to avoid clickbait. A lot of people will click on your post because they think it might contain a link to a great piece of content or a product for sale. But if your post is clickbaity, they won’t click on it at all .

If your post doesn’t contain a link at all , it’s probably better not to put it on the site at all .

5 . Don’t Forget to Get Out There

The final tip for getting upvotes on Reddit is to actually get out there and promote your posts from !

Reddit is a social network – it’s meant to be social !

So if you’re using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your posts , you’ll miss out on a lot of potential engagement on Reddit .

Reddit is meant to be social – so share your post with your friends and ask them to share with their friends !

The more you promote your posts on Reddit , the more likely you are to get upvotes .

The Bottom Line

Reddit can be a powerful marketing tool – you just need to know how to leverage it effectively .

The tips above should help you get more upvotes on Reddit . But remember that Reddit is a fairly unique social media platform – it’s not all about getting upvotes !

The MWC 2017 saw announcements of many gadgets. None of the tech giants missed an opportunity to show off their best gadgets. In the MWC 2017, Sony unveiled a unique projector. The Sony Xperia projector can transform any surface into a touchscreen.

Be it your palms, the surface of a table or a wall, this projector can convert it to a touchscreen. Sony is known for the Sony camera and mobiles. Sometimes it is difficult to get accessories for Sony mobiles. But this is something unique. The Sony Xperia projector is called Xperia Touch. It will cost £1350. So how does this gadget work?

The Xperia Touch uses infrared sensors for detecting the finger movements and finger pressure when you press. It allows owners to use table or wall in a similar way they would do while using a touchscreen mobile. The Sony Xperia projector will also come with the finger detection technology.

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It will let a user control the screen if they wave their finger in the air and then tap to select items. The projector runs on Android. It can create a display of 80 inches from one corner to another. You can use the device for presentations, watching movies and Skype calls. This design works identically like a Sony TV.

According to Sony Mobile, the camera operates at 60 fps. The interface is fast, simple and fluid. Sony is trying to launch as an alternative to Sony TV. You can use for education, gaming, and online video streaming. They are using Microsoft Hololens for this projector.

According to architect Gregg Lynn, this technology is going to be a benchmark for the upcoming touchscreen gadgets. The Sony Xperia projector creates two-dimensional images, but it will free the users from any headsets. It will project at either a vertical or a horizontal angle.

The device is enclosed in a mesh box. Since the device runs on Android OS, it is compatible with the full range of Android apps and Play Store. According to Sony, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]the unique projection, touch capability and sensor architecture will provide developers with an entirely new platform on which to build and create[/quotes]

The device is 5 inch in size. It also includes GPS sensor, ambient light sensor, temperature, barometer, human detection, and humidity. There is also a 13 MP camera and a two-way stereo speaker. When you are sitting on a table, the viewing area will be 23 inches.

Sony Mobile will also use the SXRD projection display technology for enabling the touch. Projectors are not what we think as something of a portable device. But this new 5 inch mobile like gadget will change the perception of projectors. It is fun to use. The US price is not known yet. The Sony Xperia projector doesn’t only bring an expanded image; it allows people to interact with it. Well, the price is not exactly cheap, but you cannot deny the technology is intriguing.

Now that Amazon Echo is officially launched in the market as a smart home device, some companies are looking to create something similar with a bit of difference in technology. And this is not just “another” company. We are talking about Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker company here. Samsung has come up with Amazon Echo like device, but this is just for kids. The device is called Aristotle.

Mattel’s Aristotle is the Amazon Echo like smart home device that is almost a kindergarten teacher to the children. The device can interact and perform a lot of functions to deal with children.

The Mattel’s Aristotle will be there in the US stores somewhere in June of 2017. It will come at a price of $300. It is just for kids and toddlers. But if you compare the price of Amazon Echo, it costs $180, and the Google Home comes at $130. Now that being said, you won’t have the particular functionalities and features for kids from the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The price gap can be irrelevant to you if you come to know about the specifications and features of this device. Mattel’s Aristotle comes with a lot. You will get a camera that acts as the smart baby monitor, and it checks the movements of the children. The device can also recognize objects within the environment, and that also includes the Mattel toys.

What makes it different?

The best feature of Mattel’s Aristotle is it can understand the speech of young children. And this is what the other two smart home devices cannot do at all. According to Robb Fujioka, the spokesperson of Mattel, this feature is a core facility that they tried to resolve right from the start so that they can make a unique device. He also said:

And to do this, Mattel’s Aristotle relies on a private voice training facility. It involves the children reciting/narrating a paragraph to Aristotle so that the device can understand the kids better. There are two voices within Aristotle. The first factor is called “Child Mode.” It has got the voice of a 25-year-old lady kindergarten teacher.

It allows the child in interacting with the device, starting from playing games with your kids to telling stories. There is one more voice, and that is called “parent mode.” It will help the parents to control the device, order baby products like diapers, medicines, and any other article.

This device will have its app too where you will get more features. You can use Mattel’s Aristotle as the nightlight. The device can light up with different colors, play songs, set a timer to train your kids with individual sleeping patterns. The company has worked with Qualcomm and Microsoft for both the hardware and software aspects.

The Aristotle is a beginning of a trend; this will open up for third party developers like Alexa. But this factor can also create ways for privacy issues which is critical when it comes to children’s activities.

According to Mattel, it delivers encrypted feed to your mobile phone through the cloud. Even if Aristotle has got better security features, we will not know exactly about it till it launches in June. The microphones can still allow collecting a lot of data on its users. On the positive aspect, the Mattel’s Aristotle represents a natural evolution of young children that can interact with technology

Huawei P9 Smartphone With Best Performance

After the launch of Huawei P8 in the April of 2015, the Chinese phone maker Huawei has again come up with a new model P9. With this model, Huawei has come up with some interesting features when compared to its predecessors.

• Micro SD card slot and Sim slot on the same tray.

This phone comes with a full metal finish body, has curved edges, it is slim and very light in weight. The volume buttons and the power buttons are placed on the right-hand side and the fingerprint sensor is on the rear side of the phone while the 3.5mm Audio Jack for audio outputs and the USB port for charging and data transfer are provided at the bottom of the phone.

The design looks very intuitive with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow on board with the Emotion UI 4.1 on the top and With a 5.2 inch screen and a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, the display is crystal clear. The performance of this phone is nonetheless very fast because of the HiSilicon Kirin 955 octa-core processor and of course the single layout user interface has a lot of customizability.

The biggest positive point about this phone is its camera as it has been co-engineered with the German camera maker Leica. There are two cameras at the back of the phone excluding the front camera. These two cameras serve different purposes, one camera traces only the monochrome colors while the other ordinary RGB colors. The system combines both of these images and gives the best output. The best of the camera can be seen when used in low light. Speaking in terms of numbers, this phone has 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

The video quality is also very good and the quality of the videos can be achieved up to 1080p at 60fps.

Huawei P9 comes with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM expandable up to 256 GB using a microSD card slot provided with the sim card tray.

The battery is rated at 3000 mAh and can perform for up to 1 day on a normal usage. Even with gaming, the battery is expected to last for an optimal time.

One of the notable features is the fingerprint sensor , even though it has been provided at the rear side of the phone, this sensor is able to recognize the fingerprint in no time. Placing the fingerprint sensor has a shortcoming, the user will have to lift the phone to find the sensor. But this is not a big problem, after a few days, the user will get used to it.

Additional features include geo-tagging, touch focus, panorama while the technical features include the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and compass.

The Huawei P9 is a good phone, with the best camera feature and an octa-core processor, it can be a great competition to all the other phones available in the market which comes with a reasonable price. If the camera is of utmost importance to you then we suggest you look no further and buy this phone.

WhatsApp is the most famous messages app around the world. More than 900 million users send billions of text messages, videos and images on WhatsApp daily. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, you must be aware of a common issue, which pertains to the retrieval of deleted WhatsApp messages. Many users end up deleting precious WhatsApp conversations by mistake or intentionally. Later on, they find out that those conversations contained useful information. Worry not as in this article we will tell you how to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone. Retrieving data in the iPhone is a bit tricky because of the closed ecosystem of iPhone. In Android, retrieving lost data is much easier because of the availability of a myriad of powerful third party solutions. But you can retrieve deleted messages in WhatsApp in iPhone too.

How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages in iPhone

If you are a scrupulous iPhone user, you must have turned the iCloud backup feature ON. If you have automatic iCloud backup feature ON in your iPhone, retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone is amazingly easy. First, we will confirm that the WhatsApp messages were backed up, and then we will perform some other steps. Follow the instructions given below.

Go to Chat Backup. If you see that the WhatsApp chat was backed up recently, you are good to proceed.

Now delete WhatsApp App from your iPhone.

Now install WhatsApp again and follow the on-screen instructions. You must give the same phone number in your new WhatsApp account. The app will give you an option to “restore WhatsApp messages” because it will detect the device and a number of your previous account.

You should follow the on-screen instructions accordingly and all the WhatsApp deleted messages will be retrieved. This is one way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone.

In case you haven’t turned backup feature in your iPhone yet, here’s how to enable it.

Go to Chats > Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now for the manual backup. When you will press the “Backup Now” button, all the messages will be backed up. But you should consider turning on the automatic backup feature; this feature takes backup of messages after a fixed time period. For that, tap Auto Backup and choose your backup time frequency.

You can also retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone using iTunes. But this would be useful only if a backup of your data was taken. Here’s how to restore your WhatsApp messages by retrieving backup from iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer in which iTunes is installed.

Go to File-> Devices and click on Restore from Backup option.

You will be shown multiple backup files. Choose the one with latest time stamps in order to retrieve the latest data dump.

Now click on Restore backup option and wait for the process to get completed. Your data will be synced and you will be able to see the restored WhatsApp messages in your iPhone.

Another easy way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone is to use a free software “PhoneRescue” [Download Link:]. It will scan all your backups and device sections for you and retrieve the messages within minutes. This software also allows you to restore backups from all the sources like iTunes, iCloud and phone. So using this method, you could avoid the effort of following complex steps to mine out data. PhoneRescue performs everything for you.

Launch PhoneRescue after installation and Click on “Select an iCloud Backup” and then Sign in iCloud with your own Apple ID.

Now choose the backup which you need and Click on the Download button.

Choose the WhatsApp sections as shown in the images below and click on “Start Scan”. These backup portions will be scanned for the lost messages.

Now preview the WhatsApp messages you want to recover. You can recover selected messages or all the deleted messages. Just click on Recover button after making your choice.

This software can also be used to recover lost files, documents, videos and images.

These were the three ways to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages in iPhone. You can apply these methods in all the models of iPhones like iPhone 4, iPhone 5, 5S, iPhone 6, 6S.

Most of the Windows 10 users upgraded from Windows 8, 8.1 to the latest OS. After the upgrade, they are facing a lot of issues. Users reported sound problems in Windows 10, Bluetooth problems, Windows running slow and more. Touchpad not working is another pressing issue faced by a lot of Windows 10 users. After clean installing Windows 10 or upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10, many users experienced a completed dysfunction of touchpad. The touchpad in Windows 10 seems unable to register any move. Either it completely fails to work or works with intermittent glitches. Many common fixes like rebooting the machine aren’t working. But we have found the solution to fix touchpad not working in Windows 10. Most of the touchpad problems are coming from Synaptics and Elan driver. Almost all the major computer companies are using the drivers of these two vendors. This article lists multiple ways to fix the faulty touchpad. You can try these methods one by one.

Upgrading the touchpad drivers is the best way to fix touchpad not working in Windows 10 problem. In fact, almost all the issues faced in Windows 10 are connected with drivers in one way or the other. Most of the manufacturers have released the latest drivers compatible with their devices for Windows 10. When users upgrade to Windows 10, they do not install the latest drivers at the moment of installation. The lack of updated drivers ushers in an incompatibly between the devices and the OS. This is the primary reason why the latest problems faced in Windows 10 are by those users who upgraded from previous versions to the latest version. Those who clean installed Windows 10 are facing less issues because of latest drivers. You can check, update latest drivers for your touchpad by following the steps given below.

Go to Device manager. You can go to the device manager in Windows 10 by quickly searching for it in the search bar of Windows 10. You can also open the device manger by a right click on “Computer”->Properties->Device Manager.

Go to the pointing device/mouse section and right click on your touchpad device. You can click “Update Device Driver” option to search for the latest drivers. Let the system search for the latest drivers from the internet.

This should fix touchpad not working in Windows 10. If it doesn’t, move on to the next steps.

You can fix touchpad issues by checking and enabling the touchpad from Window 10 settings. Even if you have updated drivers, touchpad would not work if it is disabled from the settings of Windows 10.

Open Settings in Windows 10. You can do this by clicking on the start menu and then clicking the “Settings” icon as shown in the image below.

Click “Device Settings” tab in the right options pane. But it could change depending on the manufacturer. In many cases, the name would be “ELAN”.

Under the “Devices” section, the name of your touchpad must appear and the status should be “Enabled”. If this is not the case, you can click the option named “Enabled”. If it is already working properly, it would be disabled for a click.

This is another useful solution to fix touchpad not working in Windows 10. Irrespective of your device model or drivers, you can try this method.

If you are unable to find the latest drivers by automated search, you can download the drivers manually from the website of your laptop/PC company. All the famous machine makers have uploaded the latest drivers on their websites. All you need to do is to type your PC model in the driver search section of the website and search the required driver. You can install the drivers from the manually downloaded file by simply clicking on the files and following the on-screen instructions.

Make sure to clear your touchpad hardware area from all the dust, oil. In many cases, dust or oil could hinder the working of touchpad and it does not register the touch from fingers.

This is how to fix touchpad not working in Windows 10 problem. You can try the above methods in other versions of Windows as well. These methods are applicable even if you clean installed Windows 10. In case the problem is not solved, you can comment on this post with exact details of the problems you are facing and we will get back to you.

Millions of computers are currently running Windows 10. So far, the experience of Windows 10 has been far better than the Windows 8 and 8.1, but not everything is fine and smooth. For many users, start menu is not working in Windows 10. It does not open when Windows key from the keyboard is pressed or when it is clicked on. Similarly, some users are also facing problems in Cortana, Microsoft’s famous virtual assistant app, which is installed by default in Windows 10. You can fix Start menu, Cortana not working in Windows 10 problems by following the methods given in this article. The solution lies in tweaking the Windows 10 settings, removing some faulty files and repairing the Windows 10 apps. Let’s get started.

Windows system files could get corrupted, causing major operations’ dysfunction. Start menu not working in Windows 10 problem is also connected with faulty and corrupted files in most of the cases. The corrupte files can cause major disruptions in other operations of your PC as well. A complete scan and repair would sort out and fix these issues.

Here’s how to fix this:

• Launch Task Manager. You can do so by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL key together or you can right click on the task bar and click on Task Manager option as shown in the image below.

• Go to File menu and run new task.

• Type ‘powershell’ in the text box, tick mark the option “create this task with administrative privileges” and click OK. Power shell is just like an advanced version of command prompt. Make sure that you are logged in as administrator while using Power shell, otherwise commands would not work.

• Now type sfc /scannow in the power shell and hit Enter.

This command will run a system wide scan for the corrupt files. If the result says that there was no corrupted file found, it means that the start menu not working problems in Windows 10 has nothing to do with the faulty files and we can try the next method. However, if the message says “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them”, this means there are corrupt files and we need to fix them. Check the next step on how to repair these files.

• Type ‘DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth’ and hit Enter. All the files will be downloaded afresh and the corrupted files will be removed.

If this didn’t fix the problem of Start menu in Windows 10, move on to the next solution.

Reinstalling all the Windows 10 apps can fix Start menu not working in Windows 10. Here’s how to do it.

• Open Power shell. You can open it by following instructions given in the above section or type “power shell” in the search box and then clicking the icon.

The system would reinstall all the apps. Restart the computer after the process gets completed.

You can fix Start menu not working problems in Windows 10 by killing the “Windows Explorer” or Explorer.exe process in the task manager section. A lot of users have tried this method and fixed the Start button problems. Just open task manager, search for the “Windows Explorer” or Explorer.exe file, right click on it, restart it or click on end task.

Cortana not working in Windows 10 problem could also be caused because of audio, sound problems. Check out our detailed article to fix sound, audio problems in Windows 10.

A simple bat file especially made to fix the Windows 10 services index could fix Start menu, cortana not Working in Windows 10.

• Download this file from here. (You will have to register on the forum first to download the file).

• Run the bat files and within a few minutes, all the services will be repaired and start menu, Cortana problems will be fixed.

You can reset and restart your Windows 10 machine to fix Cortana, Start menu problems.

• Press Windows+ L key together to logout of your system or click on the restart option.

• After clicking the restart option, click on the “Troubleshoot” option.

• Click on “Keep my Files”. This would reset your computer without affecting your data and files.

This is how to fix Start menu, Cortana not working in Windows 10. If you were unable to fix the problems, feel free to comment on this post and we will find another solution for you.

Blackberry Storm 2: A Review

Blackberry handsets are always being a name of quality with some uncountable functionalities and applications. The blackberry was once considered to be only a business mobile phone which was supposed by the businessmen but now from some time blackberry has changed this reputation and the new Smartphones are coming up with some new and entertaining applications. The developers have also tried to change the outlook and now the new handsets have started bringing the touch screens rather than the huge keyboard. The blackberry storm just like its name emerged as a storm in the international markets and received a huge round of clause from the public but unfortunately there was some lack of functionality in the screen of Blackberry Storm which annoyed the people but now the Blackberry storm 2 has overcome all those problems and has arrived as a new bomb blasting the other Smartphones.

With the large and fantastic touch screen this handset has now arrived as a new marvel featuring some new functionality along with the earlier capabilities of Blackberry handsets. It offers a new SurePress touch screen which was earlier criticized by the customers as well as the market experts.

At the first glance this handset seems almost similar to its predecessor but on a close inspection you’ll notice some very subtle differences. The SurePress interface provides you full QWERTY keyboard available in the landscape and the portrait mode. The other features of this handset are also much outclassed and are provided in a bit detail below so let’s have a look.

• It has a large 3.25 inch screen with 65,000 colors to give you a bright and colorful user interface.

• It is the first CDMA blackberry which offers a Wi-Fi which gives the fastest speed and there would no problem of low coverage as experienced with the 3G support.

• The blackberry 5.0 brings some very fine improvements to the blackberry browser which promises quick page rendering and speed improvements all because of CSS processing and faster java scripting.

• It supports dual-mode functionality that allows it to automatically switch between the Verizon dual-band CDMA network in the states and the international QUAD band support networks.

• It is same in size to its predecessor but 5g heavier and it was not a bad this does seems annoying because of the new premium feel.

• It is better from all the Android phones because of its desktop client manager which lets you easily synchronize PIM information and load photos, videos and music.

• The auto correction software is also ideal for spotting and tweaking spelling errors.

• Battery Life: CDMA: 11.2 days standby, 5.5 hours of talk time, GSM: 12.7 days standby, 5 hours of talk time, UMTS: 11.7 days standby, 6 hours of talk time

This new storm 2 has fixed many problems which were noticed in the storm and some new enhancements have also been brought in this new handset. As the final words I will say that this new Handset has features much better touch screen display with a new Wi-Fi connectivity which is making it unique among all the handsets brought in the market by blackberry.

There was a time when Apple had the monopoly in the mobile and application market and developers wanted to get certified for Apple application development to get paid with handsome amounts. Now with android smartphones emerging and capturing the market rapidly, Android app development has increased in significance and a huge number of developers are switching from Apple app development to Android app development as it offers more scope, opportunities, and higher income. The major reason behind the adoration and popularity behind android apps is that android phones are readily available and many smartphone manufacturers are supporting this platform. Popular manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, HTC, and now Nokia design and manufacture android smartphones in bulk, and everyone now owns a handset with Android OS. This wide usability of these phones has led to a greater demand of android apps and developers can make and sell apps to Google and impressive rates.

Because of the perks associated with android app development, students, professionals, technicians, and developers now show great interest in learning to develop apps for the Android Platform. However, Google has not yet launched any official certification for Android app development and these kinds of certifications can be earned from recognized universities and private institutions and certification vendors. Popular vendors offering certifications for android app development include Microsoft, HP, IBM, and Oracle. Besides this many vendors offer mobile application development courses and certifications that can be earned for developing apps for the Android platform. Interested candidates can log on to the popular vendors’ sites to learn about the exam registration. And for the exam preparation students can get help from the best Android App Development exam study material which is available at As there are no official global certificates available for Android, people are free to take training from anywhere and earn a certificate that validates their skills and expertise required for designing and developing apps for Android OS.

Android being an open ecosystem offers limitless opportunities for the developers and significance of android apps development is exceptionally great. Developers excelling in JAVA can earn huge profits by designing apps for Android as there is a great demand of such apps in the app market. Because the approval process for the application is too simple, the app can reach to millions of users in no time leading to larger profits and revenues. Because there is no license or fee involved, developers can create innovative and striking apps and earn handsome profits by putting minimum expenses. Updates to apps can be made for free thus offering more than ever opportunities and possibilities for the developer.

Android has undoubtedly proved to be an ideal place for all kinds of inter-apps integration with options and functionalities for interaction between various apps and platforms. The fame of Android Application Developer Exam has equipped developers with the ideal platform for promoting and commercializing their service to a wider population across the globe. Developers now get the freedom to design and create their very own networks for selling and advertising the Android apps. If you too have the skills and wish to earn huge profits and earn high income, get an Android application developer certificate and demonstrate expertise to potential employers and clients and expand the opportunities for a bright career in IT.

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