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Walmart Now Carrying Apple Sport Watch

Just in the nick of time, it seems that Walmart has finally started carrying the Apple Sport Watch in Space Gray and Silver. There are a couple big catches though:

  1. It’s not available in stores.
  2. It’s about $100 more than Best Buy – no discounts.

Despite massive discounts at other retailers that seem to indicate that the tech giant is trying to move some massive amounts of inventory, it just doesn’t appear that Walmart is going to be seeing any of that price slack, and their sales are bound to suffer as a result.

In addition to carrying the watches, Walmart will also be selling the Sport Band in its rainbow of colors at $49 each, as well as the magnetic charging cable, which starts at $29.

It should be groundbreaking news, but for whatever reason, Walmart was just really late to the Apple Watch party, and it looks like there are plenty of better deals to be had still.

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