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The iPhone 6: 4 features you didn’t know existed

Is iPhone 6 the best smartphone available today? The iPhone 6 might be one of the best smartphones on the market.

Upon its release, Apple sold a record-breaking 10 million units of the model in the opening weekend alone. Could so many enthusiasts be wrong? The following features of the iPhone 6 should help to determine whether or not the iPhone 6 is the right smartphone for you:


Display Zoom

The iPhone 6 has one of the best, highest-resolution displays of any smartphone on the market. Even so, sometimes lengthy articles or .pdf files, or even app names may be a little too small for the average consumer to read. Well, Apple has a fix for that.

In order to access the Zoomed feature, you’ll need to go into settings and access the “Display & Brightness” screen. Scroll down to middle of that screen and switch the View setting from Standard to Zoomed. That’s it! Now everything’s just a little bigger, and more easily accessible.


Voice Over LTE

Also known as VoLTE, this new feature on the iPhone 6 allows users to surf the internet while making phone calls! This was a big customer complaint about prior models, and Apple listened.

To turn on the VoLTE feature, simply open up your Settings menu, and tap the “Cellular” screen. Then tap “Enable LTE” and choose “Voice & Data”. Now you can enjoy visiting your favorite sites while you chat!


HDR Camera

The iPhone 6 features an HDR camera. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and what this means is that it automatically adjusts the color balance and ratio of dark to light in your photos, allowing you to take the best picture possible!

How does it work? Well, when you snap any given photo, the HDR camera is actually taking three different photos at almost the exact same time.

The three photos are then matched up to one another, and the best feature from each become part of the final product. No more agonizing over filters or technicalities. The iPhone’s HDR camera enables you to take the perfect picture, the first time.



This is probably one of the most amazing new features on the iPhone 6. Handoff allows users who own the iPhone 6 to receive calls and SMS messages on their older model iPads!

To turn on Handoff, simply access the settings menu and select “Handoff & Suggested Apps”. Turn on the Handoff feature, and then reboot your iPhone.

That’s all you’ve got to do! Apple has made it simple and easy to pair your new iPhone 6 with your older iPad! This feature, in particular, may finally answer the question: “Is iPhone 6 the best smartphone?”

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