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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit From Apple Employees

Yesterday US District Judge William Alsup dismissed a case in which several employees filed suit against Apple for off the clock bag searches that they claimed robbed them of compensation for their time. The bag checks were done by the retailer for security and loss-prevention purposes, but the employees claimed it took up to 15 minutes of their time, twice a day, for which they were not compensated for.

The searches they claimed, were conducted after they had clocked out for meal breaks, no doubt in an effort to keep merchandise from walking out the door with them. The judge ruled the employees had no case, noting that they actually could have avoided the bag searches by just not bringing a large bag with them to work everyday.

Oh, but wait, that means they can’t sue the company for $60 million?

Yea, you read that right, these 12,400 current and former employees were seeking damages up to $60 million for their cumulative lost wages for the searches, over the course of the past six years. A law professor that reviewed the case for the California retail store employees estimated that added up to a whopping $60 million.

The judge reached this ruling after noting that US Supreme Court had actually previously ruled that US employees are not entitled to compensation during routine bag searches, under federal law.

It doesn’t appear to be over yet though – a lawyer representing the thousands of plaintiffs says they are weighing their options for the next steps in the suit, which will likely include an appeal to the judge’s ruling. However, speculation says that this case isn’t likely to go anywhere, given the previous ruling by the Supreme Court.

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