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iTunes Match Limit to Increase to 100,000 Tracks

For a while now, there have been talks from Apple about increasing their track limit on iTunes Match from 25,000 tracks, and it looks like it’s finally happening. The company appears to be soft launching the increase, with reports that many users can now get more than 25,000 tracks in their iTunes library.

While the increase doesn’t appear to be system-wide, it looks like Match will be accommodating larger music libraries in the very near future for many users.

The change doesn’t seem to be official yet, but Eddy Cue has been reported as saying that the launch will likely be official sometime in the next few weeks, before the end of the year.

iTunes Match is a central music hub service that essentially stores all of your music from all of your devices in iCloud, where it can be synced and accessed by all of your devices. Until recently, the limits were stifling the far-reaching tastes of some music lovers, but it seems a new era of music accessibility is at hand with iTunes Match.

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