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I’ve been going through my emails and a bunch of you guys have been asking about the best way to unlock your iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 plus). So here goes. I have unlocked several iPhones, including my own, using several different sites. So I am going to tell you which ones I have had the best experiences with.

I have 3 top picks. All of them have worked very well for me and I will rate them below and tell you a little bit about my experiences with each of them. They will be listed in order from my top pick to my least favorite.

Before I go into the software, I need to tell you that I have had one very bad experience with an iPhone. I tried to unlock it myself, i.e. using no software. I had a very tech savvy friend who walked me through the steps to unlock my phone myself. He said it would save me money on the software. Of course I listened and followed the steps, but I made one little mistake. That little mistake cost me dearly! I bricked my iPhone!

For those of you who don’t know what bricking is, it means that you make your phone useless. I lost all of my contacts, apps, everything. It really sucked! Since then I tell all of my friends to use software and don’t even think about doing it any other way. When you use the software you don’t take that chance of bricking your phone.

Just a side note here. I am not a person who likes being told what to do. And I certainly don’t like being bossed around by phone companies. I want to be able to choose my own carrier, and that is exactly what unlocking my phone has allowed me to do. I couldn’t be happier with it. Now I don’t have to deal with stupid contracts or anything of the sort.


How to unlock your iPhone 6 and 6 plus

Alright, as promised my top picks for unlocking your iPhone 6 and 6 plus are listed below, in order from favorite to least favorite. Here goes:


Jailbreak Unlock

This one is miles above everything else that I have seen to date. I have used Jailbreak Unlock numerous times on my friends’ and families’ phones, as well as my own iPhone. The software works like a champ and it has never once let me down. Plus, it only takes about 4 minutes to complete the unlock.

The instructions for downloading and using the software are very simple. Even congress could do it, and from what they’ve accomplished lately, that’s really saying something! J Ha! I’m joking, except I’m not…

One of my favorite things about these guys is that they also give you a jailbreak, like a little bonus. A big bonus, actually! So not only do I get to pick my carrier, I get to modify my phone and get apps and other stuff that Apple doesn’t want me to even know about. So my phone is finally MY phone to do with whatever I please. Take that Apple!

Customer service does deserve mention here. You actually get to talk to the guy who owns and operates the site. He really knows what he is doing and when I have talked to him he was really cool and patient with me. He didn’t try to rush me and offered a lot of advice on little extra things I could do to get the most out of my phone.

I rate them 10 out of 10 because their site is user friendly, they have great customer service, and their software is easy to download and use. An added bonus, you get a lifetime membership when you download the software. Check them out here.


Apple Unlocker

These guys aren’t bad. I actually used to use their software for all of my unlocking needs before I found Jailbreak Unlock. But the time it takes to unlock is significantly slower than Jailbreak Unlock. There were several times that I had to wait around for almost 20 minutes for the unlock to complete. There’s nothing wrong with the way their software works, and the instructions are pretty easy to follow. I just hate waiting.

One thing I will say that was more of a turn off for me than anything else was their customer service. They don’t have any phone number listed so you actually have to email them. Sometimes they take up to 24 hours to get back to you. I use my phone constantly, so to have it not working for 24 hours is a huge inconvenience. I would still use these guys if, and only if, Jailbreak Unlock was going to be unavailable for a while for some reason.

I give this site 7 out of 10 because their customer service is crappy, but I know that the software does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Check them out here.


iJailbreak Tool

As I said, I have used a lot of different software for unlocking. Some of the software worked well, and some not so much. This one only made it into my top 3 picks because it does what it’s supposed to do. But that’s really the only positive I can find about this site.

The unlock takes about 30 minutes to complete and I really don’t like waiting so long when I know I can use Jailbreak Unlock and get it done much faster.

Customer support is a little better than Apple Unlocker’s. They do at least have a phone number listed, but it’s all the way in India (seriously). There is also an email address listed and they do get back to you on email pretty quickly, which is handy because you can bet you’ll have to use customer support. The directions are so confusing it’s not even funny! I think if you are going to sell a product to English speaking people, you should at least get someone who speaks native English to write the directions. Just my opinion there.

I still keep their information handy because I would use them as a last resort.

I give them 5 out of 10 only because the software works. However, customer support is limited and the download takes forever. Check them out here.


So that’s it. I hope this helps you guys out. Unlocking my phone is the best decision I have made since I got it. Go try it for yourself. You can thank me later! J


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