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Hope you are good! I just wanted to share with you the newest and best ways out there to unlock your iPhone 5. (Not to be confused with jailbreaking. If you want to use a different sim card and different carrier, you have come to the right place.) If you are looking for a jailbreak, check out dasdasda.

A lot of sites are scamming people by overcharging and putting stuff out there that doesn’t even work. And some of the stuff that does work takes forever. This is not how an unlock should work at all. It should be very simple and very quick.

Here is some of the stuff you should stay away from:

Software Unlocks

Software unlocks simply do not exist. This is a complete scam in an attempt to get your credit card or bank account number. I have actually done this two times. The first time around I thought I had just stumbled across one bad egg. The second time, I learned my lesson. And that’s when I really researched it and found a lot of others who had learned their lessons too.

Hardware Unlocks

These are really rough on your phone, and can damage it to boot. The sim tray tends to be a bit thicker than the trays you get from Apple, and they get stuck in your phone. Don’t even try to get help from an Apple store at that point, because the damage from the sim tray will actually void your warranty. Plus, you have to order the tray from China, and shipping takes about 3 weeks or so. Not to mention the product is expensive to begin with.

Here is what works:

Network Unlocks (IMEI Unlocks)

Apple has a global database of IMEI numbers. These can be accessed and your phone’s registration can be added to a list of phones that can be used with any network. How awesome is that??? It’s easy, won’t void your warranty, and won’t damage your phone! You will get a confirmation email when it’s all done, and the next time you connect to iTunes you will get a message saying “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked”.

It is an official and permanent unlock!

I am so glad I have found the sites I am going to tell you about! Before these, the only way you could have your phone unlocked was to pay your mobile phone carrier, and the fees could get quite ridiculous, sometimes around $250!!!!

So after checking around quite a bit, I have found some IMEI unlock companies that really have a good record for what they do. Starting from the top choice and working my way down, here are my best picks:


Official iPhone Unlock (10/10 top dog!)

A friend of mine told me about these guys and I checked them out for myself. I have been grateful to him since!

Delivery took no time and it was super cheap!

I signed up and the next afternoon I already had my confirmation. It was just that easy! And despite being the cheapest, they also have the best customer support team! They were genuinely concerned with my questions and took their time answering all of them, including the dumb ones.

Seriously, this is the best company to deal with if you are trying to get your phone unlocked, no doubt!

Check them out here!

IMEI Unlocking (7 out of 10)

These guys aren’t the most reliable, but most of the time their unlocks actually do work. Customer support is almost non existent, as it took 4 days before they ever got back to me. The website is jumbled, they don’t accept most forms of payment and they don’t support several networks that I was interested in. Really the only time I would chance it with these guys is if Official iPhone Unlock was unavailable, and only because I know the unlock would probably work, which is more than I could say about most services I have come across.

Update: I went back to the site to double check my facts after writing this. The site is down. I contacted customer support and will keep you updated on what’s going on and when/ if the site comes back up.

IMEI Codes (5 out of 10)

These guys are kinda like Official iPhone Unlock, but their website is a mess! Customer service isn’t too great either. I really wouldn’t use these guys unless the other 2 I mentioned were unavailable. A last resort really, again only because I know the unlock works.

If that was too much reading:

I know I have bombarded you with information, so here are the main points:

  • Software unlocks do not work for your iPhone 5. Don’t fall for the scam.
  • Hardware unlocks are iffy. They might work, but are expensive, take forever to be delivered, and will probably void your warranty.
  • IMEI unlocks are quick and will not harm your phone. They will also not void your warranty.

So if you are ready to get away from contracts and experience the freedom of using whatever carrier you choose, I definitely recommend Official iPhone Unlock!


There are other options out there, I am sure. But don’t risk voiding your warranty or getting scammed. Go with what you know works!


Hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!








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