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Faster Apple TV Is On the Way

Following the recent update of the Apple TV system, the company will begin development of the next upgrade to a faster version later this month, with mass production projected to begin in early 2016.

A report from Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes said that the next generation of Apple TV devices will feature an upgraded CPU, focused on delivering faster responses and overall better performance.

To make up for all of that extra horsepower, Apple also intends to incorporate a ‘heat dissipation’ system of some kind, though it’s unclear as to exactly how that will work compared to the large heat sink already used in this past generation.

With the last release of the much awaited Apple TV upgrade still so fresh, sources aren’t optimistic that the new upgrade will see store shelves anytime soon, but compared to past waits for Apple TV updates, the production period will be markedly short. Sources agree that the post production phase could be around Fall of 2016.

Either way, take this rumor with a grain of salt. Digitimes isn’t the most concrete and reliable source of Apple information, and again, with such a fresh Apple TV upgrade already on the loose, it’s hard to fathom another generation already being in the works.

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