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Could the iPad Pro Start Replacing Laptops?

There’s a lot of buzz this week about the release of the new iPad Pro, available online November 11th and in stores this weekend. Though many critics have scoffed at the idea of anyone spending close to a grand on a tablet, many experts are now voicing ideas that this device could very well wind up competing with laptops.

With it’s 12.9″ display, 4 built in speakers, and Magic Keyboard accessory, there isn’t much that iPad Pro users will have to sacrifice by using it instead of a laptop, and many are starting to catch onto that.

Apple has been pushing some interviews these past few days to drum up interest in the release, so Tim Cook spoke with The Telegraph and The Independent today about the potential target market for these tablets.

According to Cook, the iPad Pro is going to start replacing laptop computers for a lot of people, saying:

“Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones.”

Of course, it’s not just PC and laptop users that are going to be after the new iPad Pro. Cook pointed out that the device’s features also made it an ideal tool for artists, with the Pencil being the perfect new form of digital media for users to put their ideas into form.

Tim also touched on some issues with other devices, including the iPad Mini 4, the Apple Watch and its effect on users’ overall health, and even the idea of a new Apple subscription service.

So which is it then? Is the iPad Pro going to be one big expensive washout, or is their a market for this device hidden within pockets of disgruntled PC users and laptop owners that want the best of both worlds? This week will be telling, but either the iPad Pro will pass through stores relatively quietly, or this device will be the next big game-changer.

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