24 Nov 2015

Apple Pay Now Accessible for Small Businesses

As the buzz continues to roll out with the release of Apple Pay, one subject that hasn’t been touched on so much is the accessibility for small local businesses. Since the service requires a special type of reader device, many businesses simply don’t possess the hardware to process those transactions.

23 Nov 2015

App ‘Endurance’ Boosts Battery Up to 20%

There are so many awesome apps out there, and as users continue to beg for bigger and better, developers just keep on delivering. The latest cool app to drum up a following is Endurance, an app designed to extend the battery life of mobile Apple devices. Even with the new

22 Nov 2015

Apple Black Friday Deals 2015 – Simply Mac Going on NOW

It’s that time of year again – if you’ve got your game face on, you’re already stalking a few websites and keeping your eyes open for some major Black Friday savings. Apple’s discounts historically aren’t quite as deep as other manufacturers, but you can still save a few hundred bucks

split view
21 Nov 2015

Sidefari App Allows Two Safari Windows to Run Side by Side

Apple’s new Split View mode for iOS was a great step forward for multitasking innovation, allowing iPad users to see two windows side by side simultaneously, without having to have them stacked on their home screen. Playing on the success of that feature, another app has arisen to make it

ipad pro box
20 Nov 2015

iPad Pro Problems: Some Unresponsive After Charging

Nevermind the problems with the release date of the iPad Pro and its accessories – the devices are having their first issues reported as customers get their hands on them, and it’s a doozy. For some users, they’re finding that their iPad Pros are suddenly completely unresponsive after charging them.

19 Nov 2015

Quicken 2016 Now Available for Mac

The popular small business accounting software by Quicken has just been released in its newest updated version for both PC and Mac. With new features to help small business owners and home financial gurus manage their accounts, payments, and transactions, the latest update is now officially available for both Windows

apple store sydney
18 Nov 2015

In-Store Pickup Comes to Australia and Canada

For a long time int he United States, Apple customers have been able to order and pay for their products online and pick them up in store, but this is a service that is just now coming to Canada and Australia. As of today, Canadian and Australian customers can now

apple pencil
17 Nov 2015

The First Apple Pencils are Finally on Their Way

Okay, so there’s no question – Apple didn’t exactly time their releases quite right with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard. These three releases were originally slated to be available at the same time, but there actually weren’t any of the keyboards or pencils available for in-store pickup at

16 Nov 2015

Apple Pay Comes to Canada November November 17 with American Express

More expansion is on the horizon for Apple as they prepare to roll out Apple Pay in Canada in a couple of days. The company has partnered with American Express for the release, giving them a bit more narrow of a hold on the market. However, it was looking like

On the window at the Apple Store Regent Street.
15 Nov 2015

App Store Search Gets More Efficient

Sick of getting weird results when you search for app in Apple’s App Store? (Say that three times fast). Well, apparently so were a few other users. It looks like Apple may have just caught up though, with some brand spankin’ new algorithms to make their searches more intuitive and