14 Dec 2015

BBC iPlayer Now Live on Apple TV in UK

Today for the first time ever, the live streaming service from BBC, the BBC iPlayer, is available on the set top box system Apple TV for UK users. The addition comes on the newly updated system with a number of other services that were previous left out of the Apple

13 Dec 2015

New Global LTE Network Available for iPad SIM

  In an effort to improve the performance of their network, a new network has just been launched for the latest generation of 3G/LTE iPad users. The AlwaysOnline Wireless Network by Canadian company Otono Networks has begun offering pay as you go plans across their now expansive network, covering 45

12 Dec 2015

Walmart Now Carrying Apple Sport Watch

Just in the nick of time, it seems that Walmart has finally started carrying the Apple Sport Watch in Space Gray and Silver. There are a couple big catches though: It’s not available in stores. It’s about $100 more than Best Buy – no discounts. Despite massive discounts at other

11 Dec 2015

Deal Alert: BOGO Free iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Now at AT&T

Man, aren’t you just sick of all these cell phone deals in the news already? Yea, me neither. Starting Friday, AT&T will be honoring an amazing buy one get one free deal on their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, straight through the end of the year. The deal also applies

Apple Setup ND Photo 20100701
10 Dec 2015

How to Use Your iPad as a Monitor with Duet

With the release of the larger than life iPad Pro, more interest has been generated in using the massive screens as secondary monitors to iMac and Macbook setups. Following that line of thinking, the app Duet has just rolled out some improvements that make it that much easier to get

el captian
09 Dec 2015

OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Is Here

Well it’s here – the latest version of the newest Mac operating system, El Capitan, is now available for download through the App Store. After 5 pre release versions and months of beta testing, the new system is ready for users to start upgrading their compatible Macs. The bulk of

apple maps
08 Dec 2015

Apple Maps Dominates Google Maps for Usage Rate

In the beginning of its run, Apple Maps drew a lot of criticism for some major bugs in the way it works. There were inaccuracies, some major gaps in information, and their bizarre 3D modeling made it difficult to really get a scope for what you were looking at. As

07 Dec 2015

Verizon Wi Fi Calling Coming Soon to Galaxy S6

On Friday Verizon announced they’ll be rolling out support systems for their Wi Fi calling service for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones early this week. For iPhone users, the feature should be available early next year. Wi Fi calling is a sort of pseudo VoIP service that allows calls

06 Dec 2015

iTunes Match Limit to Increase to 100,000 Tracks

For a while now, there have been talks from Apple about increasing their track limit on iTunes Match from 25,000 tracks, and it looks like it’s finally happening. The company appears to be soft launching the increase, with reports that many users can now get more than 25,000 tracks in

apple tv update
05 Dec 2015

Faster Apple TV Is On the Way

Following the recent update of the Apple TV system, the company will begin development of the next upgrade to a faster version later this month, with mass production projected to begin in early 2016. A report from Taiwanese tech site DigiTimes said that the next generation of Apple TV devices will feature an