14 Nov 2015

Apple Apologizes for Incident at Australian Store

An Australian Apple store made headlines earlier this week when a few employees asked several black customers to leave, on grounds of suspicion of theft. Like everything else in today’s world, the incident was caught on video, and has gone viral, spreading rapidly, and prompting rapid apologies from the company.

13 Nov 2015

Beats Music Comes to an End November 30

According to the Beats Music Support site, the Apple music service will be officially shutting down November 30. Any active Beats subscriptions will be cancelled on that date, and the accounts will be transferred over primarily to Apple music, should customers wish to continue their subscriptions. Any customers that didn’t

ipad pro macbook
12 Nov 2015

It’s Finally Here: Up Close and Personal with the iPad Pro

For weeks now, speculation has been flying about the new iPad Pro – is it just a big tablet, or is this the next era of mobile workstations? Well, it’s time to find out. Today the device was released, and the world got its first look at the biggest iPad

tmobile plan
11 Nov 2015

T-Mobile Ups the Ante with New Double Data Plans

At an event today, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that going forward, streaming videos on mobile devices will no longer count against customers’ monthly data limits. That’s right – if you can stream it, you can watch it. Everything from Netflix to Hulu is now officially on the table with

tim cook
10 Nov 2015

Could the iPad Pro Start Replacing Laptops?

There’s a lot of buzz this week about the release of the new iPad Pro, available online November 11th and in stores this weekend. Though many critics have scoffed at the idea of anyone spending close to a grand on a tablet, many experts are now voicing ideas that this

apple bag check
08 Nov 2015

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit From Apple Employees

Yesterday US District Judge William Alsup dismissed a case in which several employees filed suit against Apple for off the clock bag searches that they claimed robbed them of compensation for their time. The bag checks were done by the retailer for security and loss-prevention purposes, but the employees claimed it

ipad comparison
08 Nov 2015

Is the iPad Pro More than Just a Big Tablet?

With the latest iPad’s release date looming next week, speculation, criticism, and suspense is flying as fans and critics try to figure out this enigmatic device – is it just a big tablet, or is it capable of more? At their launch event a few weeks ago, Apple proudly debuted

07 Nov 2015

Apple TV Already Dominating Roku and Amazon

Just a week after the latest version of the Apple TV system was released, the streaming device has already soared to the tops of the charts as the most popular set-top device, wiping Amazon and Roku out of the running. According to consumer data company Slice Intelligence, Apple TV has

06 Nov 2015

Walgreens Loyalty Program Integrates with ApplePay

With the debut of ApplePay, a lot of critics are raising their eyebrows as to just how many retailers will embrace this new form of payment. ApplePay is a new wallet service recently released that enables customers to pay just by using their iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. Your device

iphone 5s
04 Nov 2015

4-Inch iPhone Could be Available Next Year

It looks like Apple is at it again – the company could be releasing a new 4 inch iPhone early next year, according to KGI Securities. It’s likely to look like an upgraded iPhone 5s, and will be powered by the A9 chip used in the 6s and 6s Plus.