iphone 5s
04 Dec 2015

New 4 inch Colorful iPhone Expected to Launch Spring 2016

Well, it looks like the evidence just keeps piling up that Apple’s working on releasing another 4 inch iPhone, similar to the 5s. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who has been notoriously accurate for predicting Apple product releases in the past – issued a statement, saying that it’s entirely

united airlines
03 Dec 2015

United Airlines to Give 6,000 Employees an iPhone 6 Plus

Yep, you read that right. Today the world’s largest airline company announced that they’ll be passing out some 6,000 iPhone 6 Pluses to their customer service staff, in an attempt to mobilize their services. With the devices, the airline giant is hoping that service reps can use them to better

mac app store
02 Dec 2015

Sketch Leaves the Mac App Store

After several unresolvable issues and difficulties selling their app through the Mac App Store, Sketch has announced that they will no longer be offering their popular digital design app through Apple for Mac. Though the iOS version of the popular app continues to do well, continual problems with selling their

01 Dec 2015

(PRODUCT)RED Leather Cases Now Available for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

An Apple store has been reported today as now having the official (PRODUCT)RED version of Apple’s leather cases for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. So far, only the silicon version of the (PRODUCT)RED case has been available, but it looks like more leather cases may be on the way.

cyber monday
30 Nov 2015

Cyber Monday Deals for Apple: 2015

As if Black Friday wasn’t wild enough, Cyber Monday promises a round two of savings for anyone that may have missed out, or been holding out. We won’t get into comparing the two days of deals here – you either racked up some savings on Friday or you didn’t –

29 Nov 2015

Amazon Instant Video Coming to Apple TV

Since the debut of the latest Apple TV update, one streaming service has been noticeably absent – Amazon Instant Video. A lot of speculation has been flying as to why the popular streaming service hasn’t yet been incorporated into the new Apple TV platform, with many critics saying it was

iphone toilet
28 Nov 2015

Could Water Damaged iPhones Be a Thing of the Past?

As a result of more patent watching, Apple Insider just reported a new patent that popped up under Apple’s name, and the implications could be a game changer. The design, if put into practice, would actually enable iPhones to protect themselves from water damage automatically, using a series of sensors and plates.

27 Nov 2015

Glove Touch Detection Is On Its Way for iPhones

Right on point with some seriously cold weather rolling in to parts of the country, a patent application was just stumbled upon today that reveals that Apple is working on a feature that would allow users to interact with their iPhones while wearing gloves. REGULAR gloves – not super thin

25 Nov 2015

Apple’s Best Black Friday Deals

It’s time to get ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the season. As retailers gear up for tomorrow’s mayhem, it’s time to start scoping out the best deal on Apple products and accessories. Here are some of the best deals you’ll find on Black Friday. Accessories Situ

25 Nov 2015

New Google Drive Update for iOS

In a new update released earlier today, Google Drive has become just a bit more user-friendly for iOS users. In version 4.4 of the app, there are a few new innovations that will make the whole experience more fluid for mobile Apple device owners, including the latest integration of 3D