26 Oct 2015

Undercover Investigation: Shocking Conditions at iPhone Manufacturing Plant

Whilst the shiny, glossy exterior of your new iPhone encapsulates everything great happening in the world of design at the moment, the factory where they’re made doesn’t. In fact, conditions in the workers dormitories who delicately assemble the sleek exterior have been described as ‘shameful’. An insider investigation has revealed that

johnny ive
25 Oct 2015

Johnny Ive fearful over Steve Jobs movie

Jony Ive, the head of Apple’s legendary design studio, has come opened up about his personal feelings to the new Steve Jobs movie. And it’s not good. It’s never good when someone uses the words ‘primal fear’ to describe their feelings. He’s stated that he’s afraid that his close friend,

22 Oct 2015

Andriod fans flocking to the iPhone 6s for this one feature

The easiest way to get an Andriod user’s knickers in a knot is to talk about just how much better the iPhone is than their latest Samsung whatever. As Apple’s superiority has always been built on usability over technical specs, it’s typically simple for them to come back with technical comparisons

21 Oct 2015

Are you burning through your data? This might be why

Whilst the release of iOS9 heralded the launch of many new features and tools, the one that got the most press coverage wasn’t for the good it did for your phone. Users who upgraded to iOS9 started to notice their data allowance being chewed faster than it had ever been,

tim cook
20 Oct 2015

Apple joins Dropbox in fight against controversial cyber security bill

Apple has joined its Silicon Valley counterpart Dropbox to lash out against a highly controversial piece of legislation being discussed in the Senate called CISA. It stands for Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, and it’s bad news. In an official statement posted by The Washington Post, Apple has explained why it doesn’t

19 Oct 2015

Apples security crackdown: are you at risk?

If you logged onto the App store yesterday, you might have noticed a change. Something… Different. Something not quite right. The change might not have been obvious to you at the time, but it was lighter somehow, less cluttered. That’s because Apple removed 20 malware-affected Apps from the App Store

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.26.51 pm copy
18 Oct 2015

Speed Test: iPhone 6 vs Nokia 3310

The new iPhone 6 was the fastest phone on the market when it was released, but just how does it compare to the old-school phones? The answer might surprise you… Check out the comparison here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.47.20 pm
13 Oct 2015

The greatest emoji ever invented

If you’ve ever felt limited by the available Emoji options on your iPhone, your life is about to change. Not only can you send smiley faces and pictures of poop, you can now flip people the bird. Yes, the good, old, tried and true middle finger is now available on

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.20.28 pm copy
09 Oct 2015

Paint Shaker vs. iPhone: who will win?

Hmmm… Look, you might think you know, but it’s still worth watching.