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Apple Maps Dominates Google Maps for Usage Rate

In the beginning of its run, Apple Maps drew a lot of criticism for some major bugs in the way it works. There were inaccuracies, some major gaps in information, and their bizarre 3D modeling made it difficult to really get a scope for what you were looking at.

As a result, a lot of iPhone users actually opted out of upgrading to iOS 6. Then, when Google released Maps for iOS 6, usage of the OS skyrocketed nearly 30%.

However, Apple Maps has come a long way since then, and the company has confirmed that they now have a significant lead over Google for use of their maps app.

Of course, no doubt these numbers are helped out a lot just for the simple reason that the Apple Maps app is the default app included with Apple devices, but the figures also indicate that many users are returning after originally leaving due to the app’s inadequacies.

And of course, there are also the users that never dealt with the problems of the original version of the app, and are pretty satisfied given that they’ve only ever known the updated, improved version of Apple Maps.

Of course, Apple only holds the most users for their map app on their own devices – across the board with smartphone users, Google still dominates, with roughly double the users for their Maps service than Apple’s. Having the ability to use Google Maps on all major operating systems definitely doesn’t hurt that ranking either.

In an effort to beef up their own mapping service, Apple has made some major changes to the way the app is run, purchasing Coherent Navigation and Placeable, both of which are navigation and GPS companies. There’s also been some in-house work done, focusing on their data sharing connections and building their own personnel around the project.

As Apple continues to fine tune their mapping app, they now receive information from more than 3,000 different sources, and are even currently in the process of mapping subway entrances.

Whether it will ever be enough to compete with the wealth of knowledge that Google Maps has gathered remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – Apple Maps is on the rise.

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