26 Jul 2015

The iPhone 6: 4 features you didn’t know existed

Is iPhone 6 the best smartphone available today? The iPhone 6 might be one of the best smartphones on the market. Upon its release, Apple sold a record-breaking 10 million units of the model in the opening weekend alone. Could so many enthusiasts be wrong? The following features of the

Apple Watch
19 Jul 2015

Latest Buzz: The Apple Watch

The next big thing from the geniuses over at Apple, the Apple Watch, has taken the marketplace by storm. It was made available for preorder on April 10th in the United States, and Apple reported that a mind-blowing one million orders were placed that same day. Boasting the same kind

12 Jul 2015

No Man’s Sky for Mac – Release Rumors Debunked

The beautifully designed and expansive game No Man’s Sky is all everyone is talking about right now. The new release from indie developers at Hello Games has captured attention around the world, and gamers are gearing up to explore the incredible universe that lies in wait. Though the highly anticipated

05 Jul 2015

T-Mobile Brings Music Freedom to Apple Music Users

Apple Music users rejoice – T-Mobile just announced earlier today that their Music Freedom streaming service will now also be available for Apple Music. In a slew of promotional campaigns this summer, the cellular giant has been ramping up some amazing new offers to entice customers to come beating down

apple watch
28 Jun 2015

Apple Watches Scheduled to Make Their Best Buy Debut

In late June this year, Apple wowed the world with the release of the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Despite having some competitors on the market like FitBit, and some initial issues with battery life and performance, sales have dominated the tech company’s Other category, raking in over $4 million so

21 Jun 2015

Apple Prepares to Roll Out Latest Apple TV Upgrade

Since 2012, there haven’t been many changes made to Apple TV – the software and the features have all remained relatively the same, and now the world is ready to see what happens next. On September 7th Apple is set to roll out the latest version of this popular TV